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You need to read the N-n-number of characters from the file. The question is worth: how to find out the length of the string in the file (when the words are separated by a space, then only 1 word is read, which goes to a space and all)
Baked FSTREAM file streams

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Here is an example of a hill reading from the file:

# include & lt; iostream & gt;
#Include & lt; fstream & gt;
Using Namespace STD;
  Char SIM;
  Ifstream MyFile ("Example.txt");
  INT COUNT = 19;
  int i = 0;
  if (myfile.is_open ())
    While (MyFile.get (SIM) & amp; & amp; I & LT; COUNT)
      COUT & LT; & LT; SIM;
      I ++;
    MyFile.Close ();
  ELSE COUT & LT; & LT; "Unable to Open File";
  Return 0;


this is a line.

If you want to find the number of characters in the file:

int main () {
Ifstream MyFile ("Example.txt");
begin = myfile.tellg ();
MyFile.Seekg (0, iOS :: END);
End = MyFile.tellG ();
MyFile.Close ();
COUT & LT; & LT; "LENGTH:" & lt; & lt; (End - Begin) & lt; & lt; "Symbols. \ n";

Answer 2

Use I \ OstringStream for this. The root of that The answer has already been given.


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