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began to learn from and C++. This is my first experience in this area (I do not know a single programming language yet). What books will advise read? What examples are better to start? What is better not to do?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

  1. I advise you to choose something to start something alone or C++. Still, the writing style of programs for them is somewhat different, even if not to take into account that C++ is object-oriented.
  2. on itself I will recommend C++. The best book to explore C++ – Sturastrup B. “C++ programming language”, as you already wrote here.
  3. I can still advise a very good book on programming in general – McConnell S. “Perfect Code”. This is not about some particular language, but about the principles of writing good programs.

Answer 2, Authority 67%

  • Kernigan B., Ritchi D. STI programming language
  • Sturastrup B. C++ programming language
  • Dealer H., Action P. How to program on C++

Answer 3, Authority 58%

  1. Herbert Shildt “Full Handbook of C / C++”
  2. Scott Meers “Effective use of C++. 55 faithful tips to improve the structure and code of your programs”

Answer 4, Authority 50%

b. Kernigan, D. Ritchi “SI programming language.”
You can still book Bruno Baba “Simply and clear about Borland C++.”
If it is interesting to become, you can learn graphics on books L. Ammeral to do;)

Answer 5, Authority 50%

Stephen Prat “C++ programming language. Lectures and exercises” is also a good book for beginners. Sturastrup has already to read when the basics of the tongue will be learned. Starting with “Talmuda” Barna is very difficult.

Answer 6, Authority 42%

People! What island He just begins to study. This book is absolutely not needed at this stage. You need a book: Jess Liberty “Unlock yourself C++ for 21 days”, fifth edition . It explains in it just for beginners.
+ You can download video tutorials from Netta. But here there is a google)) Material a lot))

Answer 7, Authority 42%

software with better Gukin, Dan. C for “kettles”, 2nd edition. There are no depths, but everything is clear, and C++ shield, C++ base course. Third edition.

Answer 8, Authority 42%

There are a lot of good books by C++. I myself began to learn C++ on the Book of the Dealer “How to program on C++”. The book is not bad, but still there is better. It is a pity that I already know about it when the dealer read half. The newcomer will be the tutorial of Stephen Prat “C++ programming language. Lectures and exercises.” Available written and practically everything is clear)

Answer 9, Authority 42%

C++ can also be advised by R. Laphore “Object-oriented programming in C++”

Answer 10, Authority 33%

Lord Why to study recommending strawstrups ??? It is a complete idiocy! He who advises himself does not know the language itself, and somewhere heard about the Sturastrua! Strauterrupa has a progress style very much different from reality in which a person falls after studying the language. Do you want to repent immediately all the desire to write on C++? Stoolustp is very kotheko in his book, he simply denies all the other programming styles except him. Its worth reading to study the style, and not to learn the language! Moreover, if a person does not know a single language normally, it does not know how to program in general, then in no case can you read Sturastrup, he simply will not understand it. Sturastrup – brain explosion for beginner!

In real life, it is best to study in Shieldt, and Si by Ricci and Kernigan!

Answer 11, Authority 25%

Starting with Si enough books D. Ritchchi, B. Kernigan, and there you have to look more or not)

Answer 12, Authority 17%

b. Strauterp. “Principles and practice of using C++”

just for beginners.

And those who are afraid to read his book “C++ programming language” will never be a C++ programmer, since this is a C++ programmer. Any novice programmer must start using this book. Do not read, namely use, i.e. Read individual chapters and teach individual topics with which he is currently facing his life, because neither in one other book will not be written more accurately (except for the standard).

Answer 13, Authority 8%

Excellent books of Arkhangelsky A.Yu

Answer 14, Authority 8%

Krupper A. We study C++ Best textbook I am now learning C++ – I tried a lot of textbooks, but this best

Answer 15, Authority 8%

Well, I also begin to use books

  • D.A. Kushino “Full Course C++”
  • V.V. Timofeev “C++ as it is (tutorial)”

It seems not difficult, it turns out, it happens to think.

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