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Where can I get the C++ standard?




Many answers refer to the C++ standard, but where can I get it?

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The C++ standard is called International Standard ISO / IEC 14882: 2017 (E) – Programming Language C++ .

The number after the colon is the year of publication, the previous standards were in 2014, 2011, 2003 and 1998.

Official edition of the standard

The official edition of the standard is published by ISO, and costs money. You can buy it from ansi.org .

You can also read / download here .

Standard Drafts

open-std.org publishes working papers of the committee on standardization, including draft standard.
When the next version of the standard is ready, a “Final Draft” is published, which is then sent to the ISO. It is practically no different from the official edition of the standard. However, after the publication of the official edition, access to the final draft is closed.

Working Draft PDF

Last published draft version:
N4868 from 2020-10- 18.

GitHub Repository

“Standard sources” are hosted on GitHub – https://github.com/cplusplus/draft
They can be compiled to .pdf for the most recent draft.

Final Drafts

this answer on English StackOverflow has an updated list of draft standard close to C++ 14, C++ 11 and other publications. Final drafts are not available, but can be found online by reference.

Versions of drafts close to the official editions of the standard:

Also, for a constantly updated HTML draft of the standard, you can find here .

Answer 2, authority 12%

At the end of 2016, the long-awaited translation of “Standard C++: Translation, Comments, Examples” was released under the editorship of Evgeny Zuev and A.A. Chuprinov. ISBN: 978-5-99079-159-6

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