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Once it turns into an intellij-idea from the browser, or any other window, an automatic language change occurs, by default, I use the RU / EN / IL language in system 3. In any other applications, programs, there is no such problem.

  • intellij-idea 2016.1.4 2
  • windows 10
  • puntoswitcher (never installed)

I put the Langu language in the browser, I turn into an idea, Ivrite puts, I turn into a browser with Hebrew. I put in the idea of ​​English, I go to the browser, with English, returning to an idea with Hebrew. In any other options, everything is the same
Please tell me what you need to configure and what is the problem?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

I solved the problem, went into the control panel, language settings, additional settings, and put the box next to “allow you to choose the input method for each application” and everything turned out! Thanks to everyone

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