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as in a patern for RE.Findall shove the value of the variable [duplicate]




Dana is a string in which it is necessary to find a proposal or the word beginning and the end of which markers are indicated by markers that, in turn, are also known.
For example, in the string-‘What IS & GT; Apple & LT; ‘ or ‘What is & gt; an apple & lt;’ Pull out the words marked with markers “& gt; & lt;”
Here is my code:

import re
  Def Between_Markers (Text: Str, Begin: Str, End: Str) - & gt; Str:
    Stack = Re.Findall (R '[\ Begin \] \ W + [\ END \]', Text)
  Return Stack

How in Paten-R ‘[]’ Write a function argument so that this argument is recognized?
Well, or how to find words or the word between the two arguments of the function, using the RE?


Answer 1

Strangely enough, but I myself found the answer to the problem itself, and not the question.

Return Text [TEXT.INDEX (Begin) +1: text.index (End)]

This line solves the entire task, but I still wonder how to enter variables into patterns?

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