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Bitrix. How to get the html code of an email from the email template before sending it?




Before sending a letter, attach a pdf file of the same letter. question. how to get the html code of the letter before sending it so that everything is already substituted there?

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Event OnBeforeEventSend , but you have to substitute the values ​​first


AddEventHandler ('main', 'OnBeforeEventSend', Array ("MyForm", "my_OnBeforeEventSend"));
class MyForm
  function my_OnBeforeEventSend ($ arFields, $ arTemplate)
     // get the message
     $ mess = $ arTemplate ["MESSAGE"];
     foreach ($ arFields as $ keyField = & gt; $ arField)
      $ mess = str_replace ('#'. $ keyField. '#', $ arField, $ mess); // substitute values ​​into the template

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