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black screen after installing AMD video driver in windows 10




Good time, stacker, faced with the following problem, decided to replace his already biased axis to the new one, was Windows 10×64 some kind of assembly, I no longer remember, no complaints, in terms of work of the video card, was not. I decided to download the trial version from the site, reinstalled, everything seemed to work, but as soon as the automatic loading / installation of the video driver happened – everything was hung at the beginning and after some time (up to minute) the screen went out, even after a few reboots, the screen-loading The screen. I tried to check the clamping and repeatedly pressing the SHIFT key, pressed Win + R entered the wrong command. Trying to call a beep – nothing, I will also reboot (Shutdown / R) through the command line (Shutdown / R), reinstalled Windows, disable automatic updates , I downloaded and installed the driver, turned off the same quick loading of the axis, did not help anything. I made sure that the problem is in the video driver in the following way: loaded in safe mode and disabling your video adapter through the device manager.
Can anyone come across a similar problem and knows her decision?
Video card: ATI HD 5XXX

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Tired of numerous installations and reinstallations, both drivers and the operating system itself, decided to check the driver’s performance on any other version of Windows, chose Windows 7 SP1 x 64, after installing the driver there was a tracking problem – the backlight was turned off in The screen is solved as follows:
You can regain safely or highlight the flashlight screen,

1) Click Win + R and enter regedit ;

2) Go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CONTROLSET001 \ CONTROL \ CLASS {4D36E968-E325-11ce-BFC1-08002BE10318} \ 0000]

3) Click on an empty place and create two DWORD (32-bit) value with the following kmd_enablebrightnesslf2 and kmd_enablebrightnessinterface2 ;

4) Click twice for each created file and in the Data Value field write 1 ;

5) reboot;

Apparently, the problem is lifted somewhere in the See Windows 10, if I find a reason – supplement your answer.

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