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Block diagram with an IF branch, going to exit




There is a flowchart, you need advice, can I do so and if it is impossible, then how to fix it.

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In Guest 19.701.90, I did not find that any conditions would be imposed on this, so in terms of standards such a record is allowed.

Answer 2, Authority 50%

you can do and do not contradict.

Symbol “connector” – the symbol displays the input to the part of the circuit and output from another part of this scheme. Used to break the line and continueing it else (to avoid unnecessary intersections or too long lines, as well as if the scheme consists of several pages). Relevant connecting characters must have the same (with a unique) designation.

p.s. “And what about basic structures (IF is one entrance, one output). And it turns out 2 in essence.” This is a shortened version if (without ELSE). Standard IF is 1 input, 1 answer option and 2 outputs.

Logic block – Displays a solution or a switch type with one input and two or more alternative outputs, from which only one can be selected after calculating the conditions defined inside this element. The entrance to the element is denoted by the line, which is usually incoming in the upper vertex of the element. If there are two or three outputs, then usually each output is denoted by a line emerging from the remaining vertices (side and lower). If there are more than three outputs, they should be shown by one line leaving the vertex (more often) item, which is then branched.

i.e. If there are more than 2 outputs, you draw “key” (Switch, Case).

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