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I am looking for a book on the basics of algorithmization. The main requirement is a simple and affordable style of material presentation in the book and was intended for beginners in this matter. Algorithms are my weakest part in programming, so I want to work on it. Therefore, I ask you to advise the book. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Channel Read the basic knowledge (if you read From the very beginning) is not required at all, we started teaching on the first part of the book in 8th grade.

and in general, serious knowledge of knowledge is needed only for strict mathematical substantiation of the correctness of algorithms and assessments of complexity, and then, for understanding most evidence, I think your knowledge will be enough (especially that group and depreciation Analysis in the book is introduced gradual).

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Knut’s Trilogy (Book 1 – Basic Algorithms, Book 2 – Sorting and Search, Book 3 – Remained Algorithms) – These works can be quite complex … I understood the essence of your question, but these are good books really.
T. Corn – Algorithms Construction and analysis.

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Here is a rich choice:
algorithms, computer algebra

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Wirth can be read. Algorithms and data structures.
We just before the whip was.

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dasgupta, papadymis, Vasurani “algorithms” for free (in the comments you can and in paper order)

Stephen S. Skien “Theory of Algorithms”

Better textbooks (not fat) did not see.

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Also advise Emaxx http://e-maxx.ru/algo/ , a lot of algorithms, with an assessment of asymptotics, Evidence and examples on C++, as well as an example of tasks for using these algorithms.

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Well, for the completeness of Robert Sedzhvik algorithms on C++. Fundamental algorithms and data structures.

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