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Building a route taking into account the traffic jams at a specified time yandex.maps.api




Good day.

Not so long ago I had to deal with the Yandex API. After reviewing a couple of examples with the construction of routes and reading the reference book, I could not find such a moment as building a journey taking into account at a given time.
Maximum that managed to find this – traffic.provider.Archive, but the submenu of timestamp did not decide anything.

Tell me, does Yandex provide this opportunity?

Answer 1

In JavaScript API there is no routing on the forecast or traffic statistics. This functionality is available separately as part of HTTP API Yandex.Marshrutization .

Answer 2

Try to enable traffic statistics (standard API functionality), and only then only build a route. In theory, the route is just to be built taking into account the projection of traffic jams

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