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Configuring the Cisco Packet Tracer router




There has been a problem when setting up a router in Packet Tracer.
The network consists of two routers, switcher and two computers.
It is necessary to configure routing (static), according to the specified parameters:

PC1: IP- / 24, Default Gateway:;
PC2: IP- / 24, Default Gateway:;
R1: F 0/0 - / 24, F 0/1 -;
R1: F 0/0 - / 24, F 0/1 -

did not ping PC1 with PC2, I realized that R1 and R2 are not in the same subnet. Changed
K1: F 0/1 - on F 0/1 - The problem remains.
Just say what to do?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

I think that first is worth setting all the subnets to start!
If I correctly understood you want to implement a mark. Smell: pc1 – L3 (1) – L2 – L3 (2) – PC2
(L3 – Router; L2 switch)
L3 (1) has LAN Client Subnet
L3 (1) has WAN
L3 (2) has LAN Client subnet
L3 (2) has wan
Total, this is somehow “not very” expanded subnet : in your small network 65534 workers’ host. Cool for real 4 cars)
But even if you go on a wide hand to implement the network / 16 , it is better for this: (Subnet PC1-L3 (1)) (L3 (1) -l3 (2)) (PC2-L3 subnet (2))
Further prescribe how you wanted on L3 (1) route to L3 (2).
Router (Config) #IP Route register at
And vice versa.
While wrote, for the sake of interest checked in CPT:

Router # SH ip int br
Router # SH ip int brief
Interface IP-Address OK? Method Status Protocol
Fastethernet0 / 0 Yes MANUAL UP UP
Fastethernet0 / 1 Yes MANUAL UP UP
Vlan1 Unassigned yes Unset Administrative Down Down
Router # Ping
Type Escape Sequence to ABORT.
Sending 5, 100-BYTE ICMP Echos to, Timeout IS 2 Seconds:

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