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Congratulation of the Birthday Group participants




The group consists of more than 30,000 participants. Birthdays every day more than 50 people. Every day, a post with congratulations and a list of birthdays is published on the wall of the group. It is necessary to dial it manually.

Question: How can you automate this process?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Once Uzm Mom TS approached, the decision the following is SMM service for congratulations to the participants of the VKontakte group . In the group ID field, you must enter either the number or short name of the group. You can pre-sort the future birthday names for postponed posts. Thank you.

Answer 2

To automate the process of publishing posts with congratulations to the participants of the Birthday Group, there is excellent service – VKBDay
VKBDay service is a great way to remind your subscribers about your group and stimulate them to visit it. It lies in the daily or weekly publications of the post on the wall of the community with congratulations to all your birthday subscribers happy birthday. This allows, first, to remind the community to your subscribers, and secondly, for the most regular readers of your community’s tapes – just make it pleasant.

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