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disappeared after installing Kryptex




Help me please. I first installed Kryptex , he set me some components so-whether for CPU LOW for GPU and I lost about 15 GB On the disk. After removing the Kryptex itself, this place was not free. I do not know what to do. Please tell me where there may be files that have not deleted? I downloaded 100% not the virus, because I shook out from. Website

Answer 1

My name is Dmitry, I am one of the Crymptec support agents.

When installing Kriptex just downloads miners. Cryptex automatically increases the paging file, which is stored on a S. Paddock file can be simply not enough for miners to work correctly. Delete or reduce the paging file and the place will “return” again.

Answer 2

Kryptex may quote blockchas. Download and look through this program https://wiztreefree.com/ Where lies the biggest file with the name XMR ETH ZCH and T.P. And for mining on the GPU, use PhoenixMiner; T-REX. And for CPU xmrig

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