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does not work in Gulp browser-sync




installed a plugin for Gulp Browser-Sync, set up to update the browser when I change HTML and SASS, but for some reason he writes that the page is updated, although it is not updated on the fact …

var gulp = require ('gulp'),
Mincss = Require ('Gulp-Clean-CSS'),
Sass = Require ('Gulp-Sass')
Gulp.Task ('Mincss', Function () {
 Gulp.Src ('App / CSS / *. CSS')
  .pipe (mincss ())
  .pipe (Gulp.dest ('General / CSS'))
Gulp.Task ('Sass', Function () {
 Return Gulp.Src ('App / Sass / * Sass')
  .pipe (sass ())
  .pipe (Gulp.dest ('General / CSS'))
  .pipe (BROWSERSYNC.Stream ());
Gulp.Task ('Server', ['sass'], function () {
   Server: "App /"
 gulp.watch ('app / sass / *. sass', ['sass']);
 gulp.watch ('app / *. HTML'). ON ('Change', browsersync.reload);

p.s. What did I do wrong?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

You have no reboots, it does not happen to register Reload :


Answer 2

For Fresh Versions Browser-Sync We receive an error message

typeerror: cannot read property 'on' of undefined

so in the config you need to write


This is a change for versions of Browser-Sync more than 2.6

or switch to the use of the new .stream () method

The appropriate ticket on github developers

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