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Editing the site right from hosting




Good afternoon, colleagues!

There is a question of which there are ways to facilitate the life of a web developer in editing the site charged on the Hosting on CMS. For example, you need to finalize the new functionality, with a change in many structures and records in the database?

I have two options (both squeezed)

  1. Pour the entire site and the base on the computer, shake them on the local machine, after the changes to fill it back, the minuses are very gemmore, the large volumes of transmitting are necessary, well, while the site on local refinement, its original can replenish the materials that after downloading the new Versions like.

  2. Next download across one file to fill back, very carefully track the result, changed a pair of rows, overwrite the file, and so to infinity, well, and plus mega a lot of action for a simple task.

In general, Material Web Developers, how to exercise this action for all the rules of etiquette =)

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Make a copy of the site and the base in the subfolder on the hosting, and refine it.
When everything is ready, deep at night, move from the old base modified / added content during this time; Check all times, and change the “sites” by places. If something goes wrong, you can still roll back relatively painless.

If it’s completely difficult, it is necessary to declare the curfew, and it is necessary to ban something to change something in the database for some time – read only. Planning in advance how much about time it will be needed, double it, and solemnly declare everything: such a number from 8 to 16 turn off hot water!

Answer 2, Authority 100%

What are there any ways to facilitate the life of the web developer

  1. work in the same environment as hosting. That is – not in Windows (if, of course, hosting is not Windows, but people who deliberately reach it, such questions do not ask).

Answer 3

Site code can be edited through various IDE (type NetBeans or Eclipse). Having created a special project connected to your site. Any change that you will do in the Development Environment will be saved on the site. Development environments also support synchronization with GIT and SVN versions control systems. And with the base, you can work with a standard client that goes from Mysql or Oracle DBMS by connecting to a remote base.

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