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Error 0x80070021 when the application is turned on in IIS 7.5 in windows 7




The contents of the error:

The requested page is not available due to incorrect configuration of data for this stranitsy.Danny configuration section can not be used in this way. This happens when the section is blocked at the parent level. Locking is either by default (overrideamodedefauld = “deny”), or mounted directly using the tag location with OverrideMode = “deny” or inherited property allowOverride # = “false”.

Configuration file \ c: \ inetpub \ wwwroot \ web.config


The requested address default.htm

The source configuration {modules handlers remove name = “ASP}

This error occurs because of a configuration file reading problems for a web server or web application.

Handlers highlighted in red. Help to correct the error.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

If the machine is not set to an ASP.NET, or do anything of features for Application Development – handlers section is locked in a global config, as unnecessary. The right decision in this case will not rule configuration manually, and doustanovit relevant features:

The server OSes:

  1. Run wizard Add roles and features .
  2. Select the ASP.NET section Web Server (IIS) – & gt; Web Server – & gt; Application Development .

On the client OSes:

  1. Open the wizard Turn Windows features on or off (it is available from the Add / Remove Programs dialog)
  2. Select ASP.NET in the Internet Information Services – & gt; World Wide Web Services – & gt; Application Development Features

Answer 2

Here’s here is a description of your error.

Answer 3

You can try this option:

  1. In the config file, try to remove the item, you have added KTR or interfere in the work. direct delete of the site config file.

  2. Then, open the IIS,

  3. go to Configuration Editor (through the project)

  4. And go to the section you need a CTD, and click to the right to unlock

  5. Then click to apply (save) and return the changes to the web.config-e = & gt; save.

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