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my 9th-grader friend received a homework assignment in computer science, namely to write a program in Pascal ABC.
The condition goes like this:
A street seller of newspapers receives a ruble from the sale of each of the 50 newspapers. From the sale of each of the subsequent newspapers, he receives 20% more. Develop a program that calculates a salesperson’s earnings if he sells 200 newspapers per day. Use the input.txt and output.txt files for input and output.

I made a program that simply calculates the seller’s earnings and displays the received data in the console, but I do not know how to work with data input and output.

The program looks like this:

  A: real;
  k: integer;
  Write ('Cost of one newspaper:'); ReadLn (A);
  Write ('Number of newspapers:'); ReadLn (k);
  if k & lt; = 50 then WriteLn ('Seller's earnings:', k * A, 'rub.')
  else WriteLn ('Seller's earnings:', (A * ((k-50) * 1.2 + 50)): 0: 2, 'rub.')

Answer 1

To work with text files at the initial level, you need a bunch of:
– variable of type TextFile (hereinafter f )
AssignFile (f, name)
Reset / Rewrite (for input and output, respectively)
Readln / Writeln with the first argument f

In this case, the format is assumed to be rigid – for example, the price in the first line, quantity in the second. In general, reading can go to the end of the file with a check like while not EOF (f)


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