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How can I use PHPStorm as an ftp editor?




View – & gt; Tool Windows – & gt; Remote Host.
This is exactly what you need, it seems to have appeared in the latest versions of PHPStorm (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/phpstorm/2016.1/remote-host-tool-window.html?origin=old_help ).
It is enough to create an empty project and use this thing.

The only drawback: it won’t load automatically! :(. Every time you have to press Alt + Shift + Q.

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I made a remote project using sftp, but in fact it is not so important: there you can choose any type of connection.
I haven’t tried it myself, but sftp was advised (ftp type is buggy), so think for yourself.

Let’s get started:
File – & gt; New Project from existing files …

Next, select this item:
Web server is on remote host files are accessible via FTP / SFTP / FTPS

Then specify the name of your project (as it will be called in phpStorm) and locally on your machine where it can be located.

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I saw autocorrect, for example div # id replaces with, how to do it?

In the html context, type div # html and press tab.

Answer 3

Yeah, these dances with ftp are always annoying. Therefore, I use the outdated Zend Studio 5.5.1 there it is very easy and convenient to add ftp, the only thing it does not work very well:

  1. Can’t change folder permissions
  2. Poor loading large number of files

Answer 4

Tools – & gt; Deployment – & gt; Configuration


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