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How do I rename the USERS folder to USERS?




We urgently need to rename the USERS folder to USERS, I dig everywhere and everywhere about the user folder.

Answer 1, authority 100%

It’s called Usersanyway, Windows just shows it differently.

If you look at the file C:\Users\desktop.ini, there is

[email protected]%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-21813

if this is removed, in theory the real name will be shown.

Answer 2, authority 100%

There the manifest is located in C:\Users\desktop.ini, in which it is written to translate this folder. In fact, it is originally called users on windows 10.

[email protected]%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-21813

To edit this, find notepad in the search, right-click, run as administrator.

As far as I remember, documents and settings in older versions were via a symbolic link.

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