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How do I set default line breaks in phpstorm?




Where is the default line break set in phpstorm ?

Every time you open a project in each document, it is very annoying to do it separately.

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The answer is no longer for the author, but for those who google this question. By default, set this for all files:

  1. Go to File & gt; Settings & gt; Editor & gt; General . Check the Use Soft wraps in Editor

  2. If something comes out anyway, then go File & gt; Settings & gt; Editor & gt; Code Style & gt; PHP . Find the tab Wrapping and Braces and set everywhere Wrap if long

  3. You can also go to the Php doc tab and check the Wrap long lines box. I haven’t felt the effect yet, but suddenly.

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view – active editor – use soft wraps

Answer 3, authority 17%

Ctrl + Alt + S → Editor → Code Style → …

Choose a language, and there you can adjust any indents.

Answer 4, authority 17%

Version 2019.1. I did it like this:

 soft-wrap always and for all files

Answer 5, authority 9%

Go to File->Settings->Editor->General. Then check the box “Use hyphenation in the editor” and that’s it

Answer 6, authority 9%

In version 2019.1.2, go to file & gt; settings & gt; editor & gt; general in the Soft Wraps section, check the box opposite Soft-wrap files and write the extension of the file you are working with. Example: * .md; * .txt; * .rst; * .adoc; * php; * html
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