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How to add a tilde (~) without using tilde buttons?




How can I put a tilde sign with any kind of keyboard shortcut, if I have a different functionality on the tilde? (in my case, switching keyboard)

For example Ctrl + ~ (or others) put the tilde ~ ?

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In order to find out an alternative keyboard shortcut for ANY character, you need to go to "Start" = & gt; Character Map and find the desired sign there. There is also information on how to call this symbol. There it will be written on a tilde U + 007E: Tilde

007E is the character number in the ASCII table, hexadecimal only.

But we want the decimal number of the character, not the hexadecimal one. We translate using an engineering / software calculator:

or we search using the Internet in decimal system and get: 126 .

This means that in Windows you need to hold down Alt + dial ASCII number (126 or 0126 ) on digital keyboard (the one that is rectangular on the right side). Here is the sign printed this way: ~

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