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How to align text on the right edge in LATEX to start the rows coincided?




I use the \ begin {flushright} ... \ end {flushright} ... \ end {flushright} in LaTEX, but the lines in this case are simply pressed to the right and their starts do not match.

How to make the text to be so pressed:

Answer 1, Authority 100%

This will work and for tex , and for Latex :

\ vbox {%
\ hfill%
\ vbox {%
\ HBox {by discipline "Analysis of algorithms"}%
\ hbox {in terms of laboratory work number 1}%
\ hbox {on the topic "Lenstein distance"}%

Answer 2, Authority 33%

You can do the same, through:

\ begin {flushright}
\ Begin {miniPage} {. 45 \ TextWidth}
Under the discipline "Analysis of algorithms" \\
in laboratory work number 1 \\
on the topic "Lenstein Distance" \\
\ End {miniPage}
\ End {Flushright}

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