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How to authorize the user via Standalone application using PHP and JS?




I have a problem: there is a service written in PHP, to work that the Standalone application is required. To help the Standalone application, it is necessary that after authorization the user has been redirected to https://oauth.vk.com/blank. HTML . All if nothing, but so I can’t get Access Token to continue work. Okay, suppose you can copy the address from the address bar and then trim the script, but it is for a long time, difficult and does not cause confidence.

Surely there are no ways to get a token and, at the same time, have access rights for Standalone applications?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Quote Documentation:

The application authorization process consists of 3 steps:

  • Opening a browser window for user authentication on VKontakte website.
  • user permission to access its data.
  • Transmission to the Access_Token key application to access the API.

As a client, any application having access to
Web browser management.

That is, you must show the user to confirm access in the browser, which you control (you can find out where the redirection has happened). For example, in Android for these purposes, WebView is suitable. After access is confirmed, the client will be redirected to https: //oauth.vk.com/blank.html? Access_Token = ... , from where you pull out access token

In general, henceforth, please read the documentation and do not ask others to chew. The documentation is very understandable and even in Russian. Good luck.

Answer 2

It is important to understand that when using your Redirect_uri you will receive not all rights, for example, Wall You do not get, however, you can along with the rest of Scope Use Offline with redirect in VC and then this access_token will be eternal with the right rights.

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