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How to connect the Russian language in the Overleaf template?




On the Overleaf website there are a lot of cool templates for articles, specifically I am interested in this: https://www.overleaf.com/latex/templates/template-for-blackwell-science-tellus-b-journal/tjtqqxsnhjwj

But it breaks (the font stops stands out with fat / italics, etc.) when I add the command \ UsePackage [Russian] {Babel}

Maybe someone knows what else can you add to all work? Or does someone have a cool similar Russian template?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

This template (as in many others from foreign authors / publishers) uses Times font (Adobe Times), and this template was not designed for use with languages ​​in which the alphabet differs from Latin. That is, there are no Cyrillic in these Times fonts. And when compiling Latex uses a standard CMR (Computer Modern) for Russian characters, while cleaning all modifications (italics, fatness, etc.). Therefore, “add something to everything earned” without changing the appearance will be difficult. But there are options.

Naturally, for all further modifications you need to add to the preamble:

\ usepackage [T2A] {Fontenc}
\ UsePackage [UTF8] {inputeNC}% depends on the encoding of your document
\ UsePackage [English, Russian] {Babel}% If you do not need to use inserts in English, then you can only leave the 'Russian' parameters
  1. The easiest way – if you do not care to save the current font, you can simply return all font settings to the standard in Latex Computer Modern:

    \ renewcommand {\ sfdefault} {cmss}
    \ renewCommand {\ rmdefault} {CMR}
    \ renewCommand {\ Ttdefault} {cmt}
  2. If you really want to achieve a complete match in the font, then … you can try to turn on the fonts from Paratype \ UsePackage {Paratype} . In it, the font with serifs resembles Times. But, if I really understand, this set of fonts for Cyrillic has no caps (Small Caps).

    You can still install the PSCYR package separately and use the fonts from its set (letters from chopped and monoshyrched fonts in this package look too wide, so it is better to leave these fonts standard, from the CM-Super set):

    \ usepackage {pscyr}
    \ renewCommand {\ SFDEFAULT} {CMSS}
    \ renewCommand {\ rmdefault} {ftm}
    \ renewCommand {\ Ttdefault} {cmt}

    In principle, instead of TimesNewRumanPMT font (FTM), you can use the AntiquapScyr headset (FAQ) – this is an analogue of the headset literary, and it can look better than Times New Roman. To use Antiqua, you can not override the \ rmdefault command, since this headset is turned on in the default PSCYR package:

    \ usepackage {pscyr}
    \ renewCommand {\ SFDEFAULT} {CMSS}
    \ renewCommand {\ Ttdefault} {cmt}

    The rest of the two commands need to be redefined, because They are set by the Times package (which loads the document class).

    PSCYR fonts There is only one problem: they are not included in the distributions due to some licensed conflicts with separate headsets (despite the fact that the author of the package all the letters drew himself and did not borrow anything), so this package should be installed Hands. And yes, if the document then has some kind of commercial use, these licensed problems can reach the author of the document. I warned: -).

    You can still use the Literat package instead of Times: the package is on CTAN, but does not turn on in the TEX distributions due to license inconsistencies, it seems. In general, it also needs to be installed manually (in texlive it is installed with other “non-free fonts” using the install-getnonfreefonts script (search on texlive )).

    as well as with PSCYR package, you will need to override a pair of commands:

    \ usepackage {literat}
    \ renewCommand {\ SFDEFAULT} {CMSS}
    \ renewCommand {\ Ttdefault} {cmt}
  3. This option was peeped in English SE on Tex (and it can be used in combination with fonts For example, from Paratype).
    If you can in the image of Cyrillic, a little move away from the style of Times to “Something similar to Times”, you can also use such an option: there is a package that makes the fonts for missing characters, and then for Latin letters you can use Times, and for Latin letters Cyrillic can take the TEMPORA-TLF font (similar to TIMES). He has no capitals for Cyrillic, but this can be circumvented.

    \ usepackage {substutefont}
     \ SubstituteFont {T2A} {\ FamilyDefault} {Tempora-TLF}
     \ Makeatletter.
     \ input {t2atempora-tlf.fd}
     \ DeclareFontshape {T2A} {Tempora-TLF} {M} {SC} {
       & lt; - & gt; SSUB * TEMPORA-TLF / M / N
     } {}
     \ MakeAtother.

    This font is included in both LATEX and TEXLIVE distribution.

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