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How to lay out a portfolio on GitHub?




How to best place your portfolio on GitHub? Here’s an example I recently laid out website, fastened mini server which fills its product, but on GitHub because the server does not run, and if a run HTML page, there will be no goods, and some features.

Or should simply add a description to swing Git and run at? And right on GitHub just mark up the page to show?

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GitHub – is a portfolio of your code . To a potential employer can look to see what code you write, what projects are involved.

For a portfolio of dynamic sites need a traditional hosting. For undemanding demonstration sites with no visitors cheap enough for most web hosts (perhaps even free). GitHub is hosting only static pages.

I will note that it is possible to show the real worth running projects in which you participated, not crafts on the knee. If you encode back-end, it will be much more interesting code. If you encode or front-end design of the page, the site is already running is important.

Answer 2, Authority 25%

I do not think the employer to show “online store” is a good idea. There are many of the same, but the ready-made solutions, for example, the same VirtueMart . Besides, no one likes to get a grasp, the language of business is visibility. It is unlikely that someone will come more to the registration of such resources.

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The this repository author raises the question of incorrect registration of the majority of the portfolio programmers Github Pages. Widespread use of Bootstrap filled with text-fish makes writing regular crafts counterproductive. As the solution to the problem proposed to create a PWA with maximum compactness, markedly and topical use tools.

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