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How to make ProgressBar and Timer?




How to make in Delphi so that gradually, during the time ProgressBar Position increased?

How to make it so that when you click on the button, ProgressBar Position increased, for example, by 5%? That is, in order for the progress of the Position bar to 100, you need 20 clicks on the button.

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Here is an example of the ProgressBar on timer:

Procedure TForm3.Timer1Timer (Sender: Togject);
 Progressbar1.position: = progressbar1.position + 1;
 If (progressbar1.position = progressbar1.max) that
  Timer1.Enabled: = false;

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Move PROGRESSBAR You can and without using the expression position: = Position + 1 .
Just use STEPIT


By default, the STEP property is equal to 1.
You can change this:

form.progressbar.step: = 5;

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  1. gradually over time:
    Need 1 Timer.
    Put the desired time interval:
    Timer1.Interval: = 1000; // 1000 = 1 second (10,000 – 10 seconds).

Daeubl Click on timer (when it is triggered):

progressbar1.position: = progressbar1.position + 5; // every second (1000) - increases by 5.
  1. when you click on Button:

progressbar1.position: = progressbar1.position + 5; // 20 clicks – and here you are 100%

i.e. The same as with a timer.

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