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How to programmatically turn off the cooler on the case?





On the case there is a cooler, in 5400 RPM. As you understand, dofig noise. It is connected to direct to the power supply and to the rittle.
How to programmatically turn off the cooler, and when required – enable?

PS Speedfan does not work. I need to turn off the cooler, and when it is necessary – to turn on, and Speesfan only reduces the turnover. If I’m wrong, you amend you!

Thank you.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

just repaid it for 5 volts and it will work very quietly. From the power unit, there are 4 wires: two in the middle are cons, and two extreme one 12, and the other 5 volts. It was also calculated then biting the positive postings at the kuller (in half) the increasing wiring and take the 5 volt conclusion. I did myself so all the quill.

Answer 2, Authority 100%

Wherever the cooler is turned on, it feeds the wire is alone. Turning off the cooler, as well as the speed of revolutions is easiest to provide with a variable resistor with a switch. At one time, Zalman sold coolers with resistors included (for option – less noisy).
So, it is the most optimal option.

Answer 3

Cooler How is connected? In motherboard or rude, 5 volts from BP? In the latter case, nothing will come! But if in the motherboard, yes three or four wires – then it is configured in BIOS Setup.

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