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How to select the main Windows 10 user to download?




I want to always load one user in Windows 10, no matter which one has worked, not to change the download screen.

Answer 1

Disable the password query when entering the user account settings

  1. Press the Windows + R keys (where Windows is the key with the OS emblem) and
    Enter NetPlwiz or Control UserPasswords2 then click OK. Both
    Commands will call the appearance of the same account setting window.
  2. To enable automatic login in Windows 10 without entering
    Passwords, select the user for which you need to remove the request
    password and remove the mark with “Require user name and

  3. click “OK” or “Apply”, after which you need to enter
    Current password and confirmation for the selected user
    (which can be changed by simply by entering another login). ATTENTION :
    If you use the Microsoft account and the method is not
    Works, try again, but in the top field instead of the name
    User Specify the tied email address (e-mail).

How to remove the password when entering the Windows 10 registry editor

To start, run the Windows 10 registry editor, for this press the Windows + R keys, enter the REGEDIT and press ENTER.

Go to the Registry section

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ Currentversion \ WinLogon

To enable automatic login for the domain, Microsoft account or local account Windows 10, follow these steps:

  1. Change the value of autoadminlogon (double-click on this value
    Right) for 1.
  2. Change DefaultDomainName value in the domain name or
    The name of the local computer (can be viewed in the properties of this
    a computer”). If this value is not, it can be created (right
    Mouse Button – Create – String Parameter).
  3. if necessary
    Change DefaultUname to another login, or leave the current
  4. Create a string parameter DefaultPassword and in
    Quality as specify account password.

After that, you can close the registry editor and restart the computer – the login under the selected user must occur without requesting a login and password.

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