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How to set up a job with FTP in VS Code?




To work on the project gave the server address, login and password. I have a FTP-SYNC extension in VS Code, all data is entered. But when saving files, the changes are not displayed in the browser.
What could be the problem? Maybe configured FTP-Sync.json ?

Plus It is impossible to configure the extensions FTP-Simple and SFTP . According to the instructions, for example, to SFTP : Ctrl + Shift + P on Windows / Linux or Cmd + Shift + P on Mac Open Command Palette, Run SFTP: Config Command.
But when I enter SFTP: Config , an error command 'sftp.config' not found

despite the fact that the same steps with the extension FTP-SYNC led to the creation of a JSON file where you could enter your configurations.

Sori, I’m sorely explaining, but if someone understood, MB knows what a trabl?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

For plugin SFTP Use such sftp.json :

  "NAME": "NAME.RU",
  "HOST": "", // IP Server
  "Protocol": "SFTP",
  "Port": 22,
  "UserName": "UserName",
  "Password": "Pass",
  "Remotepath": "/ var / www / web / sitename", // folder which will open when connected
  "Downloadonopen": TRUE,
  "Uploadonsave": True,
  "Watcher": {
    "Files": "** / *",
    "AutoPLoad": True,
    "Autodelete": True

Answer 2

Faced a similar problem to Makos, I can’t check for two more weeks without it
-Not after installation does not appear

  • When you try to call the file SFTP.JSON – pops up the bottom with a request to show the path to the folder.

The solution simply created the folder, opened it in the VS, I create a SFTP.JSON file and write it to the folder, click the CMD + SHIFT + P combination and voila, the new SFTP.JSON file is created. If all fields are filled correctly, the connection is connected and the SFTP icon appears on the left, go into it and work.

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