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How to synchronize the project phpstorm with ftp




I configured the connection to the FTP server in Tools & GT; Deployment & gt; Configuration

downloaded all files, but now I want to change the file when changing the file in phpstorm at once, how to configure this synchronization with FTP?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Setting up Upload External Changes – In order to control external Changes (made by not storm) and, if you need to load them. It does not affect autoload.

In order for everything with a machine to be synchronized, firstly need to put a default connection (button Use This Server AS Default or right mouse button “use as default “.

Next Go to Tools | Deployment | Automatic Upload (Always)

Answer 2

figured out – set the option in File & GT; SETTINGS & GT; Build, Execution & GT; Deployment & gt; Options Upload External Changes In the Allways position and everything worked. Version IDE 9.0.2

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