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Hello. I recently purchased the hosting to place my site on it. As it should be, flooded files of your site into the necessary folders, but when you try to start the installation of the script, instead of the site pages there is a white page with an inscription index of /. Other people have the site opens correctly. Why is this happens for me?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

If the problem is only with you – it means you need to clean the browser cache.

Answer 2

The index.html index file must be in the root of the directory, or index.php, if it is PHP hosting.
If this PHP hosting and root there is an index.php file you may need to change the rights to files (usually 755 or 750)

Answer 3

and cache and default page – all options need to be revised. But even better – put Wireshark , run Trace (Ctrl + E ), “Come” to the site, wait for the result in the browser window, switch to Wireshark , stop trace (again Ctrl + E ), in the filter dial HTTP and click the Apply button. Then on the first packet right-click and there Follow TCP Stream .
In the new window that appeared will be you happiness.

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