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Mac OS X 10.13.4 MacBook Pro 13 2012 does not see an external disk exfat




It is impossible to connect the external hard seagate 1TB under the EXFAT to the macupuk. AIR under the same version of the OS saw him, the PC under Linux Mint sees and locks correctly.
Disk Utility is not displayed.
Google, but I did not find such a problem, everywhere they write that OS X supports EXFAT.
USB port Other USB flash drive under FAT32 reads, it has become a port is correct.
I would be grateful if the one who came across and decided to share information!

Answer 1

One of the options – return the disk format using Linux back to NTFS ,
Install on Mac Paragon so that he read the format NTFS.

Another option:
Change the disk format through the poppy itself on exfat . After the disk should be displayed in Finder

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