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MHDD does not see Hard Samsung




took the used HDD Samsung IDE to 120 GB. Naturally decided to check MHDD. But the program does not see him. BIOS, LINUKS, WINDOVS it is determined, and it is read to read \ write. But due to any. If you connect an old WD on his “place”, then it is determined by MHDD without problems. But this Samsung does not want. I read that you can try to enable LBA mode in the BIOS, but there is no such choice (it is for this disk). There is only AUTO and LARGE. On this harder there is a jumper on Master, there is no jumper on WD at all.

The other day I wanted to check the hard of my friend, so it was also not defined.

read that this is precisely because of Samsung, with this manufacturer often there are similar problems.

What can you try yet?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

And what about Master and Slave on old glands? There, after all, not only the jumper plays a role, but also in which sequence with this jumper is connected to the device along the loop. Accounted for such a facing the old days. In the absence of jumpers, the hard drive is translated into Cable SELECT mode. In this mode, the device will be a master or slave depending on how it is connected to the loop – to the middle or by the end of the loop. This mode is not advised, otherwise two wizards or two subordinate devices may be on the controller (if you are incorrectly connected).
I am confident almost 100 percent, what is the problem in this if you see a disk via bios.

Here is a small article about this

If this read information does not help you, describe more precisely what and in what sequence you have connected to specific loops. Because you have at least Primary and Secondary Channels on your motherboard, each of which is still hanging the master and slave.

Answer 2

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MHDD, default does not work with the PRIMARY channel. If the HDD diagnosed is connected to the Primary channel, you first need to unlock this channel. Edit the MHDD.CFG file (replace the #primary_enabled key value with FALSE to TRUE. But test the program the same HDD on which it is physically unacceptable (lose data).
With Slave devices, for security purposes, MHDD also does not work. But if necessary, you can do this: press SHIFT + F3 to select the disk. Slave devices are not displayed in it, but they can be selected by choosing even numbers. For example, to select the PRIMARY SLAVE drive, you must select the device number 2, respectively, to select Secondary Slave, select 4 for drives connected to PCI cards, the Slave devices numbers will be odd.

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