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Guys, how to open Sketch Format on Windows? There is a programmer Avocode, but there you need to put extra. Plugin, which this I only gives a version for OS X.

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There is still free service lunacy It works offline too

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At the moment, three popular solutions are known – Avocode , zeplin and Sympli .

Personally worked only with Zeplin. This is a web service (and from June-July 2016 – also WebKit-based app, under Windows) through which you can share work in Sketch. It is to share, but not to open Sketch files.

It works like this:

  • The author of Sketch-layouts, C OS X is recorded in Zeplin and adds layouts there
  • Other people can now go to Zeplin in the account to the author of the layouts and view them

Probably you need to contact the author of the layouts, with OS X on the computer, and ask him to organize you access to its layouts in Zeplin (or similar service).

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In addition to the above, there is still Figma , in which you can import .Sketch file and work with it.

They still mentioned lunacy , whose developers declare that they added support for the new Sketch 43 file format.

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