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Transparent Popup Interface in Blender




downloaded Blender 3D 2.91.2 and I can’t solve the problem with the interface. Tools and words in the menu as semi-transparent, and the drop-down windows have no background. Also, the object is not visible, no edge is not visible. When it cuts or stretching, it remains monolith. Help what you can. Thank you in advance!

Answer 1

There may be 2 problems.

1) Your video card does not support OpenGL 3.3.

Starting from version 2.80 The minimum version of the OpenGL should be supported by the video card – 3.1, 2.81 – 3.3

i.e. Or you use the old version, or you need a new video card with OpenGL 3.3

2) You have an AMD video card. AMD has updated the video card driver 20.11.2, where they have broken OpenGL support.

What can be done in the second case?

  1. roll back the driver to the previous version (20.11.1).
  2. Some errors are corrected, you can try fresh build 2.92 (https://builder.blender.org ) However, performance is not guaranteed.

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