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What is the difference between GB and Pop?




What is the difference between the units of measurement of information GB and Pop?

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Differences are actually two.

The first of them, as noted in the accepted response, is that the terms “kilobyte”, “megabyte” and “gigabyte” on the recommendation of IEC should mean 1000, 1000000 and 10,000,000 bytes, respectively. Unlike them, the terms “Cybibyte”, “Mebibyte” and “Hibibay” must mean 1024, 1024² = 1048576 and 1024³ = 1073741824 bytes.

In reality (and this is the second difference), “bi” -varisters are practically not applied, and in the everyday communication kilobyte, megabytes and gigabytes mean more often (but not always) it is 1024, 1024² and 1024³ bytes. It creates confusion, but the terms like “Kibibayt” are so ungually that with this confusion has to live on.

Nevertheless, manufacturers of disk drives and RAM chips are often used to designate the capacity of their devices. Traditional units (“Gigabytes”), using them in the sense of IEC recommendation (that is, they have 1 GB = 10,000,000 bytes) . Critics argue that this is done not so much to support standardization, how many of the marketing considerations.

Answer 2, Authority 92%

gigabyte GB 1000000000 byte
Hibibate GIB 1073741824 bytes

Answer 3

GOB (Hibibait) at 73,741,824 bytes more than GB (gigabyte). Hibibay was designed to replace the term gigabyte in those areas of informatics in which it meant 1,073,741,824 bytes, which contradicts the definition of C for the prefix of gigas (109 = 1,000,000,000, a billion).

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