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What is the difference between OpenGL, DirectX, OpenCL, CUDA?




Immediately I apologize for a very stupid question, but how is the OpenSL from DirectX, OpenGL, CUDA? Why is there a DirectX comparison with OpenGL and OpenCL with CUDA, but no comparison Let OpenCL and DirectX? I guess that they are very different, but as I understand it, they all allow you to turn to the video card and accelerate with the help of calculations. I would like to know the difference between these technologies and what is responsible for?

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OpenGL VS DirectX

These are two engines for drawing graphics.

DirectX is for Windows only, with C++ and interfaces, closed code.

OpenGL Open, is for many different platforms. Inside the code written in SI style.

In principle, any game can be written on any of the platforms. Yes, they can make calculations, but uncomfortable.


And these are funds that allow you to use the video card for expectations. In the first approximation, we can assume that the video card is a lot of a lot of small processors who know how to perform the same type of calculations.

CUDA – Development from NVIDIA. Closed sizers, only for NVIDIA.
OpenCL – open, for a variety of video cards.

You can write on them to them of course, but these libraries (or are these all such frameworks?) Not intended to draw graphics.

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