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What is the MSDN subscription, and what is it needed?




What are the advantages of MSDN -cdiz? Is it possible to use it on a car that does not connect to the Internet? And in general – what is it and what it is eaten?

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Company Microsoft Provides 3 types of subscriptions: DreamSpark , BizSpark and MSDN :

  1. dreamspark is a program providing students and graduate students
    Free access to design and development tools
    It is worth noting that there is several types of subscriptions DreamSpark : for students and graduate students, teachers and educational institutions (DreamSpark Premium ).

  2. bizospark is a program intended for startups , which in
    its framework provides novice entrepreneurs
    Get a set of development tools, as well as licensed
    Software microsoft .

  3. msdn (also called Visual Studio subscription ) – This is a program that allows you to get the entire set of developer tools Microsoft , including the latest development environment Visual Studio , with annual subscription Visual Studio or Visual Studio with MSDN .

When purchasing / receiving any of these subscriptions, you will be issued “Subscriber ID” , which will be tied to your Microsoft Account ‘y (but for this you have to have it activate ), and by which you can get access to products from microsoft , which can be viewed (and get the key and download) Here (and products have several Types of keys ) , as well as access to cloud solutions (Microsoft Azure ), for which some money limit will be highlighted monthly, which you can spend for connecting / pr Applying services you need and services.

Answer 2

In addition, it is worth noting that the products that are included in the MSDN subscription can only be used for the development, testing and demonstration of software. The use of products in commercial (production) purposes is prohibited.

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