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What is this server Localhost: 3000?




Practically in all manuals I see that projects run on some web server (localhost: 3000 ), googlyl, most requests says that this is a server for Rails, but I did not understand so What is then jQuery.

Can someone know on the logo?

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yes anything can most likely be Node.js
Servers then they are on what you want a port on this and run it

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It is just launching a local server on a 3000 port. The fact is that UNIX-like operating systems do not allow regular ports to 1024 custom users, so not to switch to superuser mode or resort to sudo ports after 1024. You can see 3000, 4000, 8000, 8080 ports. They are easily remembered and easily gained. As a server can act anything, for example

php (Build-in server)

php -s localhost: 3000

Rails (Thin Server)

thin start -p 3000

And more often, in the case of Rails, just

Rails s

This is far from an exhaustive list, such servers are currently tens of. Yes, in almost all manuals, if we are talking about Rails, 3000 port is used, as it is assigned as the default port, i.e. If nothing specifically specifies in servers used for Rails-Development (THIN, WEBRICSK), 3000rd port will be used. However, the 3000th port can be used by any other server and technology, some standard or hard rules.

Answer 3

Localhost is the name of your company.
3000 – TCP port number, if 80, then you can not specify it.

If you have Localhost: 3000, it means that you have a web server running on port 3000, and there may be anything

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