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Where in Google Chrome to see the values ​​saved in the Bitrix session?




Bitrix has sessions

$ session = \ bitrix \ main \ application :: getinstance () - & gt; getsession ();
if (! $ session- & gt; has ('foo'))
  $ Session- & gt; set ('Foo', 'Bar');
echo $ session ['foo']; // BAR.

How in Google Chrome View session value?

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from php.net , \ Bitrix \ Main \ Application :: getInstance () - & gt; GetSession () is a wrapper over $ _ session :

sessions are a simple way to store information for individual users with a unique session identifier. This can be used to save the status between page requests. Sessions identifiers are usually sent to the browser through a session cookie and are used to obtain existing session data. The lack of a session identifier or session cookie reports PHP that you need to create a new session and generate a new session identifier.

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