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Where to download MingW or Cygwin Offline Installer?




If you thought that I could not arrive sites of these compilers, then mistaken. The problem is that the Intrators weigh 500kb and are essentially all the rest from the Internet, and I need to download and bring to a friend who has no access to an Internet, unfortunately.

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The thing is that Cygwin can be installed not only from the network, but also from the directory that you previously dug

Try to follow this manual

There is another way: make such packaging yourself, namely:

  1. Download the usual setup
  2. Run and select Download WITHOUT INSTALLING
  3. specify the path where to download
  4. Tabletroy proxy if necessary
  5. Select the mirror
  6. Select the desired packages
  7. swing
  8. Pack your directory and hire a friend

UPD: Yes, Mingw You can also choose there and everything will work.

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Mingw without MSYS
Perfectly transferred to another computer without installation.
Round your own, unpack your friend in the root C:
We prescribe C: Mingwbin in Path and all …
Strip …

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Thank you! Look here for example, http://code.google.com/p/min Offline-Install / Downloads / List

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