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Why are Sites are not available by IP Address?




Why, if you drive an IP address of the site into the search bar of the browser instead of the URL it will not be available? If I’m not mistaken, the browser will not open the site on the IP address, even if the site has the site dedicated.

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It depends on the server settings and the type of web server. Usually, if you specifically do nothing, and the site is only one on the server, it will open on the IP address. It is easy to make so that for unknown domains, and for queries without the host header, some specially designed site with one page with explanations has been opened.

For example, in the case of Nginx, such a special site should be marked the parameter Default_Server .

If we are talking about some kind of massive virtual hosting, then the usual practice is to do this, that is, limiting access to the IP server. No one wants to listen to complaints from a disgruntled client, the site of which, on the occasion that turned out to be the first in the list, opens when you enter some other domain in the address bar, which for any reason indicates the server’s IP. The owner of that other domain will also not be happy to develop events.

If your site works on HTTPS, then one server setting will not be enough. It will be necessary to Get SSL certificate and for the domain and for IP addresses . The latter is not always possible.

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