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Why does the Emmet expression in HTML by pressing the Tab?




When you press Tab , the plugin does not expand the abbreviated writing.
How to fix this problem?

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Let's start with a simple to complex one.

First, install the plugin Emmet .

Secondly, check where you are trying to deploy an abbreviation.

Default disclosure works in HTML, CSS, SASS / SCSS and LESS files.
This is done due to the fact that the handler Tab overwrites standard snippets.
To open abbreviations in other files, you need:

  • Select the file Open Your Keymap
  • Add the following code

    'atom-text-editor [Data-Grammar = "Your Grammar Here"]: not ([mini])':
     'Tab': 'Emmet: Expand-Abbreviation-with-Tab'

Replace Your Grammar Here hereby. The easiest way to find out the correct value is to open DevTools (Ctrl + ALT + I ) and find the & lt; atom-text Editor & GT; . It will be the Data-Grammar attribute with the value you need. For example, for HTML it will be Text Html Basic .

You can add so many sections as you need for different types of files. However, note that standard snippets will stop working.

Answer 2

How I discovered shortcuts redested, that is, instead of Tab, you need to press Ctrl + E

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