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Why PhpStorm not connected via ftp?




Why PhpStorm not connected via ftp?

It is necessary to connect by ftp.

Browsers, Firezilla, Putty and the usual Windows Explorer in Windows 10 properly connected.

Passive mode turned on and off does not work.

Could not connect to FTP server on "x.x.x.x".

Answer 1

According to the description of the error “can not connect to the server” I would advise to check:
Connection Type – perhaps you have selected sftp / ftps / ssh ;
FTP host – may be mistaken in ip in the figure or in the domain name;
Port – perhaps in servaka not the standard 21 , and the other;

It is also possible for additional options window “advanced options”
should tick the “Compatibility mode (I happened required)

or just the server itself is not available.

Answer 2

strange thing:

I do copy-paste the password in phpstorm – does not work


in the rest of the work.

I type hands in phpstorm – works. MDA.

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