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why not the label is displayed? The path to the picture is true. What is the error?

Link to documentation on the topic: http://api.yandex.ru/maps/doc/jsapi/1.x/dg/tasks/how-to-add-placemark.xml#placemark-style
Link to the site where you need to implement: http://fastnails.myjino.ru/kontakty

& lt; div id = "ymaps-map-id_134337756174430647519" style = "width: 1020px; Height: 396px;" & gt; & lt; / div & gt;
& lt; script type = "text / javascript" & gt;
Function Fid_134337756174430647519 (YMAPS) {
  var map = new ymaps.map ("ymaps-map-id_134337756174430647519", {
    Center: [37.66324533754642, 55.84944941376199],
    Zoom: 16,
    Type: "Yandex # Map"
    .add ("zoomcontrol")
    .add ("MAPTOOLS")
    .add (new ymaps.control.typeselector (["Yandex # Map", "Yandex # Satellite", "Yandex # Hybrid", "Yandex # PublicMap"]));
   // Creates style
var s = new ymaps.style ();
// Creates a label icon style
s.iconstyle = new ymaps.iconstyle ();
s.iconstyle.href = "/uploads/images/fav.png";
s.iconstyle.size = new ymaps.point (18, 29);
s.iconstyle.offset = new ymaps.point (-9, -29);
var Placemark = New Ymaps.Placemark ([37.669215637163646, 55.85044779554645], {style: s});
map.addoverlay (placemark);
& lt; / script & gt;
& lt; script type = "text / javascript" src = "http://api-maps.yandex.ru/2.0/?coordOrder=longlat& ;load=package.full& ;Wizard=constructor& ;lang=ru-ru& fid_134337756174430647519 "& gt; & lt; / script & gt;
& lt ;! - This code block must be inserted into the part of the page where you want to post a map (end) - & gt;
{/ literal}

Answer 1

Use designer , after changing the size of the displayed card.

Answer 2

Because it works for Yandex API 1.x
And you connect the library 2.x

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