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Use online services to optimize your CSS. Here are just a few of them:

  1. cssdrive.com CSS Compressor – works in 2 modes: normal and advanced. You can choose from three compression levels. Normal mode should work well in most situations, creating an optimal balance between the two.

  2. http://www.cleancss.com – CSS formatting and csstidy based optimizer available in English, German and French.

  3. CSS Compressor – 4 compression levels can be selected.

  4. CSS Optimizer – Optimize CSS by specifying the URL of the css file, uploading the file from the local computer or directly entering the CSS code into the form.

  5. codebeautifier.com – CSSTidy-based CSS Compressor

  6. askapache.com – This service uses part of the JavaScript port of the YUI Compressor, and part of the W3 CSS Validator. You can upload a CSS file, specify the URL of the CSS file, or simply paste the CSS code into the form.

  7. iceyboard.no-ip.org CSS Compressor – You can upload a file, specify a CSS file URL, or paste in CSS code. Good compression options.

  8. ebiene.de is a service for compressing JavaScript and CSS files. You can choose between basic compression and strong compression.

  9. pagecolumn.com – Compress CSS, find and remove unused CSS classes and IDs (optional).

  10. Pingates.com – You can specify the URL of the CSS file or paste the CSS code.

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