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What function does – Normalize.css?




What function does – Normalize.css? Everywhere it is written that used for:

1: providing HTML elements Best cross browser

2: With which browsers begin to display all the elements more
consistently and in accordance with modern standards.

But there are objections, on the following points:

on the first item – why it is needed when there is a gulp-autoprefixer , which is just provided by the crossbox of the style elements.

on the second item does not understand anything that the second point means and what exactly does this program do?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

In each browser, there is your own set of styles for HTML elements, asking how they will be displayed “by default” (User Agent Style), without their override.

The problem is that everywhere they are different – somewhere Margin / Pading others, somewhere at the element the border is drawn, and somewhere in general the size and headset of the font is different.

Every time you remember to remember all these trifles, and be sure to override them – it can be impaired. And here it comes to the aid `Normalize.css – it leads the” default “styles in browsers to a single denominator, which actually simplifies cross-browser layout.

If it is interesting – you can look at Neminimized code Normalize.css , and read what differences in which browsers it corrects.

autoprefixer (including in Gulp), in turn, performs a completely different task – it allows not to write Prefixes You requiring them rules – it will substitute them yourself, at the project assembly stage. This slightly simplifies the spelling of CSS-styles, but does not help in ensuring the layout crossbreser.

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