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What is the difference between LESS and SASS?




serve for the same goal, have similar methods, and in essence differ only in syntax and expansion? For me, still, Sass … Throwing) will, what do you think?

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Differences Heap First Sass on Ruby, Less on JS Syntax Pts is very different at the examples:

Well, about the expansion, I would say last. To finally place everything in places read this: Sass against Less

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In fact, LESS is simpler, more convenient and easy to understand the essence of preprocessors on it. Sass has different buns, more strict. Personally, I use LESS for myself, first of all because of the simplicity and speed of assembly. Sass has a cool Compass add-in. In my opinion, if Sass, then with Compass. But he compiles terribly long. I have a LESS version of the bootstrap – 1-2 seconds against 10-15 sass. Sensing the difference is not so?

Well, yes, see the article on Habré in the response of Paul.

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