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Interpolating data points in Excel




Hello everyone!

There is a table with the starting points (X and Y), according to which we build the graph.

Then we take samples, and get only the Y value

It is necessary to calculate the values ​​of X on the original graph for the new values ​​of Y. Please tell me how this can be done? Thanks

Answer 1

And if the graph is plotted on the contrary, along the x-axis – mV, along the y-axis -%. Then we get the dependence% (mV), we can show the equation (for example, I took a polynomial trend, degree 4) and substituting the mV you need into this equation to get%

This is if you copy the interpolation equation. If you need it completely automatically, then you can do the same through the search for a solution (but the add-in “search for a solution” must be enabled and determine the interpolation formula)

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