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Help !!!!! We have Github Desktop, we are committed there changes, then synchronize, well, or send a pool to the Request, if Furkali. In the gitbushe we are committed, then pushing to ourselves in the repository and also send Pula Request. Question – Git and GitHub Desktop They are interchangeable? Or why do I need Git if I and Desktop-e can do the same? In general, I’m confused

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Git version control system, and GitHub Desktop is a graphic client for GIT, oriented to work with a guithouse, and it works, respectively through GIT. Therefore, without Git, you can not do the same, since the client (Github Desktop) will not be able to work without the versions control system itself. In fact, you can replace this client to any other (for example, GITK) and work as well as before, or work directly from the console, or through the tool built into the IDE.

For more information – Githab is a server to place repository. So Git is not directly connected with him. Just the guys made a startup for a convenient placement of repovens of the Gita, and so the gitis of the repository can also be placed on their servers. As an alternative for Hithab there is also a gitlab, bitbread, and other comfortable services for placing repositories.

I hope more or less clearly explained.

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